The Future Of Pitot-Static Testing

What does the future hold for Pitot-Static Testing?

Technological advances in aircraft demand that aviation maintenance businesses grow, shift and adapt to stay competitive.   Safety, Legality and Profitability (in that order) cannot be ensured without investing in the hiring and continuing education of our Engineers and Technicians.

In that spirit, we are proud to introduce Denis Sichik as Mechanical Design Engineer for Cobra Systems and ATEQ Aviation.  Denis will be responsible for the engineering of new pitot and static test adapters, improving designs already in use and working side by side with the ATEQ Engineering team on improving the ATEQ line of Pitot-Static Air Data Test Sets.

ATEQ Aviation and Cobra Systems North American Sales Manager, Patrick Brousseau, had this to say about the addition of Denis Sichik. “ATEQ has a very broad line of test equipment in its portfolio, so we knew that it may be difficult to find a Mechanical Engineer with both the experience and motivation to take on the wide range of tasks that may be part of the day-to-day operations here. After our first interview with Denis, our entire team was very happy with his enthusiasm for product development and fearless approach to the problem solving that comes along with this position. After just a short time on the job, Denis is already proving to be a great addition to the team, having created a brand-new pitot and static adapter which we intend to market soon.  We look forward to watching Denis continue to grow into his role within the company.”

Cobra Systems and ATEQ Aviation strive to keep our customers safe and efficient with our reliable and easy-to-use equipment. The future of Pitot-Static Testing is here.  Our great team of highly skilled technicians, engineers, sales and support staff looks forward to building the future together.