Control Consoles

RVSM Universal Control Console Kit

  • P/N: CCU-100-1

In response to a strong customer demand for a user friendly, universal pitot and static system RVSM testing console, Cobra Systems introduces the CCU-100-1, Universal Control Console Kit.

  • Multiple hose assemblies to fit almost any airframe
  • Universal Control Console fitted with stainless steel quick disconnects
  • Hose Grip Assembly for securing excess hose to the airframe without tape
  • Equipment is enclosed in a waterproof polypropylene case and custom foam dunnage.
  • Control Console also sold separately under P/N: CCU-100CC

Control Consoles

  • P/N: CCU-100CC
  • P/N: CC-737C
  • P/N: CC737-600
  • P/N: CC757
  • P/N: CC-GV-P
  • P/N: CC-GV-S

Cobra Systems line of Control Consoles for the Boeing 737 C, 737 NG, 747, 757, 767, & 777 are available separately, and also as part of our full pitot static accessory kits. On/off toggle switches allow you to quickly diagnose any leaks on the aircraft. We also carry Gulfstream V specific pitot & static consoles.