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Cobra Systems, Inc. is the leading American producer of Pitot/Static Adapters, Pitot Static Test Equipment and associated parts and services, serving the world's Commercial, Corporate and Military Aircraft. Cobra's Technological excellence, supported by a continuous improvement process has been the foundation of our ability to provide quality products and extraordinary customer support. You can depend on the Cobra Team to help you keep your fleet airborne.

Our Mission

Cobra Systems Inc. is passionate in our goal to provide the global aviation industry with superior technology and the highest quality materials, with American ingenuity and craftsmanship. Our positive attitude, competitively priced products, and fast turnaround times make us the industry standard.

Cobra Systems, Inc. is approved on various commerical aircraft under supplier code 3BSK6.

You Can Depend on Cobra Systems

  • Specializing in AOG Service & quick turnaround times
  • Same Day Quote Response
  • Superior Quality Parts
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Innovative Engineering / US Manufacturing
  • R&D Partnerships with Major OEM’s

Trade Shows and Events

Check out our very own Matt Petrash speaking at AEA on our universal static adapter!

March 6-9:  Heli Expo 2017: Booth #7443, Dallas, TX

March 12-16: AEA 2017: Booth #347, New Orleans, LA

April 25-27:  MRO Americas 2017, Orlando, FL

May 1-4:  AMC/AEEC, Milwaukee, WI

July:  Rotor & Ribs, Indiana

August 26-29:  ACPC 2017:  Booth TBD, San Diego, CA

September 6-7:  AEA West,  Reno, NV

September 11-14:  F-16 TCG,  Ogdon, UT

September 18-19:  AEA East, Jacksonville, FL

September 24-27:  RAA 2017:  Booth TBD, W. Palm Beach, FL

October 3-5:  MRO Europe 2017:  Booth TBD, London

October 10-12:  NBAA 2017:  Booth TBD, LasVegas, NV

October 23-25:  C-130 TCG 2017:  Booth TBD, Charleston, SC

October 26-27:  AEA Central,  Kansas City, MO

October:  AEA Canada:  Location TBD

October 31- November 2:  MRO Asia-Pacific, Singapore

November 12-16:  Dubai Airshow:  Dubai